Organizational Risk Management Interview

Select a health care organization in your community to conduct an interview with an appropriate risk
management employee. The organization can be your current employer, or a different health care facility in your
community. Acute care, urgent care, large multi-provider private medical clinics, assisted living facilities, and
community/public health clinical facilities are all ideal options to complete the requirements of this assignment.
Make sure to select an individual who can provide sufficient information regarding how that organization
manages risk within its facility to answer the questions below.
In your interview, address the following:
Identification of the challenges the organization faces in controlling infectious diseases.
Risk management strategies used in the organization’s infection control program, along with specific examples.
How the facility’s educational risk management program addresses key professional issues, such as prevention
of negligence, malpractice litigation, and vicarious liability.
Policies the facility has implemented that address managing emergency triage in high-risk areas of health care
service delivery.
Strategies the facility utilizes to monitor and maintain its risk management program.
Post-interview, compose a 750-1,000 word summary analysis of the interview to include the questions above as
well as the following elements:
A brief assessment of the organization’s risk management program, including what works well and what could
work better (the pros and cons).
Action steps you would take to improve the program. Select one area and provide your rationale and possible
steps required to implement your suggestion.
Cite appropriate references as needed to support your statements and rationale. gasses