Paleoclimate proxy

Write a short paper describing a paleoclimate proxy of your choice, and summarize an example of it being used in (1) describe in detail how the proxy “works” — what is it, what climate variables impact it and how; (2) explain the data provided by the proxy and how it is analyzed and interpreted; (3) discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and assumptions involved with using the proxy as a source of climate infor (4) summarize briefly how the proxy has been used in an actual scientific study. You must refer to at least one stud reviewed literature (refer to a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources). The following specific content is required: : Your paper should comprise no more than three double-spaced pages, addressing all (4) components listed above, including properly cited references. 
Copy and paste figures and/or tables onto a maximum of two additional pages at end of your paper (do not embed : Label and cite the figures (tables) sequentially in your text. Be sure to write your own captions for each figure (table) to explain what they show, and properly cite the : Properly cite all information in your text, and then provide a properly all references used in a final section labeled “References cited” at the reviewed scientific references. But it is expected you will also cite other