The Effects of China’s Belt and Road Initiative on the Islamic World

Has China’s Belt and Road Initiative brought economic prosperity and political stability to the recipient countries?
Additional questions: Will the recipient countries have a more positive view of China (because of the investments) or less favorable view (because of the negative impacts of the projects)?
Background: See attached materials (the book “China’s Presence in the Middle East” is optional/suggested)
Methods: Case study of countries (such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Iran)
Statistical inference – Measure the association between China’s commitment (Foreign Direct Investment in USD, number of visits from high-ranking Chinese officials) and the recipient countries’ satisfaction (GDP growth, GDP per capita, unemployment rate, HDI, public opinion polls)
Significance/Implication: Assess China’s standing/reputation in the Islamic world
Predict the political stability of Central and West Asia
Consider the future role of the U.S, Europe and Japan in the region