Analysis and Personal Reflections of Wit

Your analysis of the movie, Wit, should include a descriptive analysis of one issue related to the healthcare team that you identified in the movie as important to the care of the patient. There are a few issues, so this is not a matter of identifying the only correct issue. You should also reflect upon the movie, express and possibly relate it to personal and/or professional experiences. (Writing about personal experiences is acceptable but not required.) Your analysis and reflection should show that you have seen the movie; your writing should not be superficial (express your opinions, avoid vague generalizations, be specific with examples).

References are not needed for this reflection paper.

The assignment will be graded according to the rubric below.

The following questions may help you with your analysis or reflection. You do NOT need to answer these questions.
(1) How does this film portray the relationships between the patient and her health care providers?

(2) How does the film portray the health care providers?

(3) What role does nursing play in the patient’s care.

(4) Consider the nurse’s advocacy role, and her teaching role. Is there any place that she could have done a better job in taking care of the patient. Any room for improvement in her delivery to care to this patient? (Do not criticize the technical care, remember artistic license.)

(5) What is important to this patient? What was troubling to this patient regarding her care? What is important in nursing education on any level in order for our nursing force to deliver patient centered care?

(6) How do we deliver patient centered care?
How could we change our practice to address these deficiencies in health care? Is it reasonable to expect that we could address the patient as a person, and still have time to take care of our patients? How do nurses get to know patients?

(7) What is our current nursing practice?

You can also discuss the movie from your own distinctive perspective, the above are only points you might consider.