Approaches To Family Nursing

Discuss from your nursing experience an intervention you used with a family using each of the 4 types of approaches: 1. Family as Context Focuses on the assessment and care of an individual patient in which the family is the context. Traditional Individual is in the foreground and the family is in the background Family serves as context for the individual as a resource or stressor (so the family can be either anegative or positive context). An example of this would be in the care of children under 18. Physician rounds are generally ‘family centered’ and done with the focus on the patient, but with discussion with both the patient and the parents or caregivers. ” For the Approaches to Family Nursing Assignment, think of a time in your clinical practice or with your own particular family when one of the members of the family needed health care and other members of the family were involved in that person’s health care needs. Explain who the family member in need of health care was, what was the condition of the family member, health problem, and health care needs. What roles did each family member take in helping care for the individual family member? 2. Family as Client Assesses all family members The nurse is interested in the way all the family members are individually affected by the health/hospitalization of one member of the family unit. The family is in the foreground. Focus is on every member of the family. An example of could be when a beloved matriarch of the family gets a grave diagnosis, the nurse would ask the patient how her family was dealing with the diagnosis? How are the members of your family adjusting to this news? Will the care you will need be a problem for your family?