“Changing a Vacation Policy”

Information The key to revising the message is thinking about how the message should be organized, developing an appealing document design, and improving its tone. What should come first (e.g., the subject line)? What information does the reader need and how should you present it? What information from the original can be left out? An effective message will make the information sound like good news and then give all the details necessary for the reader to feel favorably about the changes. 
Before you begin writing your solution, think about the following questions: 

  1. How can the subject line sound like good news? 2. What are your purposes in writing? What do you have to make sure you do? 3. What do you need to tell readers? How can you you highlight the details visually (e.g., with lists, plenty of white space)? 4. Are there any negatives that you need to address or leave out? 5. How can you create an ending that will end on a positive note?