Electronic orders, problem lists, lab results, and body mass index (BMI)

Understanding Electronic Orders and Patient Assessment In this unit, you were introduced to electronic orders, problem lists, lab results, and body mass index (BMI). For this assignment, you will compose an essay that summarizes these concepts. In your essay, be sure to include the following information. Explain how medical practice software is used in healthcare facilities. Describe the advantages or importance of clinicians using electronic orders and results to properly assess and treat patients. Describe the importance of using a problem list. Explain how this is useful for clinicians to provide proper education to the patient. Summarize what BMI is and how a EMI is used. Discuss why it is necessary for clinics to have an accurate record of a patient’s weight. Your essay must be at least two pages in length. You are not required to use any outside resources, but if you choose to incorporate information from outside resources, including your textbook, you must cite and reference them in APA style. SOURCE: ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS. RICHARD GARTEE