Final Case Study: Regional Macroeconomic Analysis

Evaluate at least five macroeconomic indicators for the region where your state is located. 
Examples of macroeconomic indicators are GDP, employment indicators (labor market, unemployment, wages), consumer price index, producer price index, retail sales, trade, interest rates, manufacturing sector, agriculture sector, investment, government fiscal policy, government monetary policy, housing, healthcare system, poverty, urbanization, and education system. 

Provide an introduction and evaluation of your project including the following.

o Include an overview of your region where you will include information such as the region’s population size, GDP size and GDP growth pattern, its unemployment rates, its major industry(ies), its main tradable industry or commodity, and its government budget size. 
o State the five indicators that you are going to address and provide status reports of the condition of the indicators you are going to analyze.
o State the major challenges facing your region, and state the major strengths that make your region unique. 
• Data and Analysis

o Data: Obtain data from at least five credible sources to provide facts and statistics about your region’s indicators. The facts should be current and properly cited. Use tables, graphs, and figures to support your argument. Make sure to provide citations for your graphs and tables beneath each graph or table.
o Analysis: Taking into account your data, provide a full analysis of your region. You will need to talk about each of the five macroeconomic indicators that you selected and state whether these indicators are facing challenges or opportunities and state why. In addition, include in your analysis both the strengths and challenges of your region regarding business, industry, and markets. Basically, what business or industry might thrive or lose in your region, and why?

• Solution

Finally, what do you suggest in terms of economic policy to assist your region and why? What outcomes are you anticipating from your solution? Make sure you justify and defend your position based on economic facts, laws, theories, and principles.