Psychological Foundations of Leadership

You have been selected by your boss to present to a group of up-and-coming leaders on the topic of leading a
productive team. Your boss has asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation for these new leaders in order to
help them gather the knowledge and skills necessary to produce positive results while working with their teams.
Some of the topics your boss has asked you to cover are below.
Provide your audience with the overall value of teams within an organization. Give examples of how effective
teams can assist an organization in achieving its goals.
Explain what you believe are the most important (top three) characteristics a leader should possess to help the
team meet its objectives.
Describe the specific strategies team leaders could use to facilitate team development through each of the team
development stages.
Examine the methods team leaders can utilize to handle conflict that might arise in the team.
Your PowerPoint presentation should be 10 slides, not counting the title slide and reference slide. Include at
least two scholarly resources (in addition to your textbook) to support your work.All directly quoted and
paraphrased material must have accompanying citations and be listed on the reference slide per APA
Make sure to include graphics that support the theme of your presentation. The use of speaker notes is
required. In the notes tab, you will provide what you would say if you were actually giving the presentation to an
audience. Please write your notes in complete sentences and adhere to typical grammar, punctuation, and
citation rules.