Single Payer System: Implications for your Hospital

You are an intern for the CEO of a local single hospital. The CEO is really interested in the implications of a single payer

system or Medicare for All and how that would impact the hospital. The CEO wants to understand how the single payer

system will impact staffing (clinical, billing, and support). healthcare utilization, and reimbursement. You and the CEO

realize that there will be benefits, chatlenges, and hardships associated with this change for your hospital. You also

understand this will have a profound impact upon your hospital’s bottom line ($$$). You decide to write an executive brief

based upon five articles you found to summarize the estimated impact on staffing (clinical, billing, and support), healthcare

utilization, and reimbursement for the CEO.

Background Materials:

2) Single Payer System: Implications for your Hospital

Study: Medicare for All projected to cost $32.6 trillion (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

How Medicare for All would Affect You (Links to an extemal site. )Links to an external site.

Who will win and tose in the single payer system (Links to an external site. Links to an external site.

Single-Payer Health Care: Opportunities and Vulnerabilities (Links to an extemal site.)Links to an external site.

How Single Payer Stacks Up (Links to an external site. )Links to an external site.


Please choose the one scenariofopic that interests you the most. Then read all the background information to craft your

brief. If there is a broken link, please try the UCF library or to find the document, but also let me know