Supply and Installation of Solar Street Lighting on Jeddah University Campus.

The design of the light pole is custom made

A designing of street lighting system that contains the smart control functions based on the power of the Sun. U need to include drawing that demonstrates all Component such as LED light, solar panel, battery, light sensor, specs and sizes, pole, brackets. Charge Controllers and Motion Sensor

I calculated using the Area calculator from Google Earth. I want U to follow the standard distance between the light poles to have the best result for the project. I want you to include solar rad intensity

I want you to make a sample of an economic feasibility study of the solar lighting system on Jeddah University Campus. The study will include equipment cost, installation, maintenance cost, and output power.

I will upload my Senior Project I Based on this new information can you update the abstract to match. Also, if u use any out sources please write a Literature Review for it. 
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