System Conversion

Case Study 3-1.
Your facility is getting a new master patient index (MPI). You are replacing an existing computerized MPI that no longer
meets the needs of the organization. Most of the staff are excited about the new functionality that will be available. The
problem you find is that there are some differences in the structure of the data fields between the two systems. Use Table
3-1 to review the differences between them. Determine if the data in the old system need to be converted to meet the
character requirements in the data dictionary of the new system. If any of the fields need to be converted, specify exactly
what needs to be done (add leading zeroes, delete characters, convert data to new valid entries, and so forth). Precision
is important, since the programmers will be using this information to write the conversion software code. tf appropriate,
provide the programmers with examples so that there will not be any confusion. Identify any mapping that may be needed
and document your findings in the comments column in Table 3-1. This table is also available on the student companion
website for your use.