The importance of the Colorado River and its historical significance

Pick a place or event that is significant in Colorado history and linked directly to your broad research topic. It is strongly recommended although not required that as part of your research on the place or event, you actually go there. This makes local history fun! 
begin by clearly identifying and describing the place or event. What are some of the unique characteristics of the place or key components of the event? Again, if possible your own personal observations would be a great source. If that’s not possible, intemet sources and/or published books or articles will suffice. In any case, be sure to cite your sources properly. 
Second, after describing the event or place, use concrete info from your Colorado textbook properly cited to put your topic into the broader context of Colorado history. To what bigger themes (mining, ranching, sports, women’s rights, etc.) does your topic relate? This can be challenging and how you do it will depend on your topic. Please feel free to email me or meet with me if you have questions about this, or any, aspect of your paper.