The poets

1 Paper details v 1. Read, on the site, the sonnets “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night’ by Dylan Thomas. and -Acquainted with The Night” by Robert Frost. Respond to the Thomas/Frost question. 
QUESTION: Read the assigned poems by Dylan Thomas and Robert Frost and consider the central metaphor of “night”. In at least five sentences, explain first how each poet uses the metaphor of “night”: what does Thomas mean when he writes “night”? What does Frost mean when he writes “night”? How are the different meanings reconciled in your understanding of the poems’ themes? 

  1. Read e.e. cummings’ poem. “Chansons Innocentes-. Respond to the e.e cummings question. 
    QUESTION: Read e.e. cummings’ poem “in Just”. What is the logic of this poem? How does it come across? Please explain, in at least five sentences, what you think the poet means in this poem. What sort of song is this? 
  2. Read William Butler Yeats’ The Second Coming”. Respond to the Yeats II question. 
    QUESTION: Select one line from this poem, quote it in your response, and elaborate the metaphor Yeats employs for the purpose of explaining it. What do you think Yeats means here? In at least five sentences, interpret a line of the poem as it relates to the entire poem.