Analyze this Act. Use evidence from this act (both paraphrase and quotation) to support your responses. These do not need to be written in paragraphs and sentences—bullet points are okay. Approximately 1-3 pages, written in sentences and paragraphs or bullet points. Quotation and paraphrase are formatted in MLA rules for in-text citation. Find three major plot events (scene’ , conflict’ , problem:…). Make note of the scene in which these events happen. include the page number. write the responses with detailed notes. Keep the Responses Concise and Focus on Gathering Examples to illustrate the events. Questions for this analysis: What happens in this Act? How does the plot (the sequence of events) unfold? If there is more than one plot, are the plots parallel, or are they related by way of contrast? Are certain events recurrent? If so, how might such repetition be significant? What subjects does the Act address? How do these subjects come up? What kinds of conflict arise in this act? for instance, between two groups, two individuals, or two aspects of a single individual? How are the conflicts resolved? How does the author develop the characters? Are there any characters who serve as foils for other characters? How do the characters themselves treat certain subjects? What do the author’s stage directions add to your understanding of this Act? If there are few stage directions, what speeches seem most important to this Act’s theme? What do you make of the setting or location? How does the setting link to the theme? Do certain costumes or props strike you as symbolic? If so, how so?