Equal Employment Opportunity Act

What has been the nature of the problem for the Equal Employment oppertunity act of 1972 from the begining to 2019. What is the actual problem that has been identified? why is it a problem. (2.) How wiidespread is this problem? Ths must be statistics that shoe how large of a problem this is for society. Make sure to present this information with content that explains the statistics and pulls the issue togather. use the latest statistics available. (3.) How many are affected by it? This will be statistics related to the number of people who are impacted by the issue. This may include statistics that are related to a ripple effect of the problem. (4.)Who is affected and how? Statistics related to what populations are impacted. Example: child abuse would impact the abusers, the victims, the community and the country. Think of all 3 levels of social work when answering this question. These levels are micro, mezzo, and macro. Also consider the facts that this will have along term impact. This will include populations’ related gender, adult, children, elderly, etc. For each policy, this will be a diffrent group. It will also include those impacted by the ripple effect. (5.) What are the causes of the problem? This could be several reasons and all of the majior areas will need to be discussed and explained.