Global Financial Meltdown

Watch the movie Global financial meltdown – One of the best financial documentary films ( (please note the movie is two hours and 49 minutes in length, so allocate some time to watch it).
• Pick five main reasons that caused the financial collapse of 2008 supporting it with the evidence described in the documentary and outside sources. Please ensure to provide the analysis using both domestic and international examples, as described in the documentary.
• Perform a SWOT analysis for at least two financial companies presented in the movie as they started to attempt the recovery immediately after the global financial meltdown.
• Based on your reading and the SWOT analysis in step 1, provide at least two recommendations to a typical financial company that will help them to succeed in the current industry climate.
• How is the concept of social responsibility correlated to the events of global financial meltdown and was one of the reasons behind the meltdown deterioration of corporate responsibility?