In the Reflection Paper, you describe, analyze, and use critical reflexivity to reflect on how your identity has been shaped and affected by two agents of socialization, such as family, friends and peer group, education, religion, health, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, work, media (films, television, gaming, fashion, music), the intemet (including social media). Use specific examples. Avoid generalizations, clichés, and vague language. Include discussion of your own agency. Include one short anecdote (a narrative) to help support one of your points of discussion. Use first person I where needed. Do not, however, use fillers such as “in my opinion” or “it seems to me” or “personally, I believe that” or other redundant phrases. The essay is about you and from your perspective, so get to the heart of your discussion and don’t pad the text. Use essay format: a well-developed introductory paragraph with a thesis, body paragraphs where you develop your ideas, provide support and evidence, include details, and give examples, and a concluding paragraph. Before handing in your essay, run it through Grammarly, which is available to download through the LU Paterson Library website. Grammarly will help you catch basic errors of composition and grammar, including spelling and punctuation. Revise and edit your writing for clarity and conciseness and diction (word choices). Avoid repetition, long-winded sentence construction, and informal word choices and tone. Work to bring in “voice” without erring on the side of an informal way of writing that sounds like you are just speaking colloquially.