Sustainable tourism development and planning

To present a concise overview and analysis of the principal challenges facing sustainable tourism in a Angola and an outline of the steps to be taken to resolve these. As a tourism consultant you have been hired to evaluate and assess the principal challenges and opportunities facing your chosen destination with regard to ensuring the sustainable development and management of tourism – within the framework of the UN Agenda 2030/SDGs. Your presentation can be based on an evaluation of an existing tourism strategy or destination plan and/or your own assessment of what might go into such a strategy based upon research. Once you have established the precise geographical focus of your presentation you should review the principal attributes of tourism in the destination and relate these to the challenges it faces given current rates of growth and expansion. Following the identification of the relevant SDG(s) along with the principal challenges to destination sustainability you should outline potential solutions and/or evaluate existing strategies to maximise the contribution of tourism to the sustainable development of the destination. The presentation should be structured in four equal parts: 1. Introduction and rationale: identification of relevant SDG(s); outline and overview of the destination. This might include the key attributes and composition of tourism provision, type and levels of infrastructure and amenities; key markets and time-scale/geographic scope of development and growth of the resort/destination. 2. The challenges: identification and evaluation of the factors inhibiting/contributing to sustainability in the destination (and their causes). Ensure that you relate these to existing and planned levels of tourism provision (are tourism activities the principal cause of the problems? How might existing/future tourism suffer as a consequence of the problems identified?). At this point it may be helpful to use a SWOT/PESTEL analysis. 3. Analysis and evaluation of potential solutions/strategies designed to mitigate/resolve the problems identified. It is important to make reference to any relevant policies, plans and strategies as well as the destination planning/governance structure that have been or should be implemented to encourage the development of sustainable tourism. Here you should also identify the main vision and aims for the destination action plan. 4. Summary and critical evaluation of the existing/proposed tourism development model and the implications for sustainability with specific reference to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (please specify which); specify how and why you believe the proposed actions will deliver the vision/goals of the SDAP.