Executive Briefing Response

Complete an executive briefing papers re-viewing technology ideas posted by their classmates. The executive briefing paper should consider at least five separate creative commercial uses for the forthcoming technology. In addition, it should include a critical analysis of its benefits and possible hazards to prospective users and/or customers, anticipated timeline for its proposed introduction, possible differences in adoption in various areas of the world, in-depth discussion of likely financial implications for businesses, and probable effects (positive and negative) on other related technologies and the marketplace. Be sure to consider ethical dilemmas posed by the new technology, what criteria should be used to decide whether the technology should ultimately be developed, and your recommendations relative to the value of the technology. The executive briefing paper posting reviewing a classmate’s technology idea posting shall be no longer than one (1) page, inclusive of text and citations. A comprehensive yet concise executive briefing paper should require at least two hours of student preparation.