Parking issue at the university at buffalo

Write a recommendation report about a real life issue with providing solution to it. I’ll attach the assignment guide lines ,but below is a brief outline about the problem I want to write about. 1. What is a problem that you are interested in researching more about? Parking issue at UB North and South campuses sounds to me an effective problem in which need to be solved by the nearest future. 2. Who is impacted by the problem above? Typically, all student at UB north and South Campuses are impacted to this problem. Sometimes it reaches out to the staff and faculty due to the fact that there’s some students who parks in the faculty and staff parking lots 3. Who could potentially fix this problem? There’s a potential that the student voice could help in solving this issue, by providing thoughts and ideas to the university, through the student government and club representatives. 4. What are some initial ideas you have for how the problem could be solved? Create additional short-term parking opportunities along Putnam Way through the judicious selection and conversion of underutilized spaces to metered parking. Allocate additional spaces within all parking lots closest to the academic spine for commuter student parking. Installation of additional bus shelters at key locations 5. Why does this problem matter? UB parking issue tends to be the most common issues around the two campuses, it seems a challenging problem to the UB community. Where students have difficulties in finding parking spaces in hours between 9am-2pm, which effect students and creates stress and makes student upset since this problem leads students to be late for classes. Solving this problem would make commute at UB easier and get rid of student’s complaints 6. How might you find out more about the issue? Survives and direct interviews with students who’s facing this kind of problem might be the first source problem solving, and to know more about the parking at UB issue.