View the array of photographs by clicking on this link: Stereotype photos. 

Choose two photos and individually create a list of commonly heard statements about the country/cultural group (3-5 comments per photo).

Week 1

Post the name of the photo you selected and your list of comments to the discussion for Week 1. Respond to the following:

Identify the common or recurring themes elicited from others’ lists of comments about the photos and indicate if any of the ideas/themes surprised you. Which ones and why? Did you feel any were hurtful/insulting? What are most flattering? Week 2

After identifying common themes in Week 1, engage in a class discussion around the following questions. Do not just line up the questions and answer them as if it were a short-answer test, but use them to guide your discussions.

Where do you think these ideas and impressions of nationalities and identity groups come from? Why might these stereotypes be perpetuated? What can help dispel erroneous images that others have of your culture? As a leader in your organization, what do you need to do in regard to the images you have of others represented in the photos? Add description of Module 3 Discussion Topic.

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