Recruitment and Selection

The objective of this assignment is to develop your knowledge of legal issues that HR Staff face today and apply this knowledge to a current event in the news.

• Please select one of the interviewing topics in Chapter 9 of the textbook.
• Research and select a current news article that relates to the topic you have selected. (e.g. new techniques for interviewing).
• Analyze the news article based on the topic and select a peer-reviewed journal article related to your topic to help develop your argument.
• Complete the report using the structure highlighted below

Report Structure (All students should hand in the report)
• Please include a cover page with course number, course name, your name and student number.
• The report should be 2-3 pages, using times new roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, normal margins and page numbers.
• Headings should be as follows: 
o Introduction reviewing the issue you chose
o Description of the current news event (and provide the URL for the story in your report).
o Analyze the event using the news article, the textbook description of the topic and the peer-reviewed journal.
o Provide your own personal perspective on the issue.
o Referencing using APAstyle

Report is worth 10%.

Slides should be loaded in Brightspace. 
See the group B Presentation dates (excel file) in Brightspace.
Follow the instructions in the presentation Bright-space upload folder.