Rock Music Discussion

1) Start a thread: Read the prompt listed below and formulate your response to the questions by starting a thread in this discussion board forum. Compose a well written response to the questions. Make sure to support your arguments by providing examples from the lectures, textbook, or any other sources. Cite your sources when applicable. Original thread counts as 8/10 points. 2) Read, rate, and respond to a minimum of two posts from your group: provide constructive criticism and feedback as well as any other observations. Be thoughtful and thorough. Make sure that every group members post has at least 2 ratings/responses. 2 responses count as 2/10 points. (NOTE: you must create a thread and submit your own post before reading posts from your group.) Prompt: Make an argument about which segment from Unit 4 – British Invasion, American Response, or Psychedelia – you believe contributed the greatest towards rock music. In your opinion, define the characteristics of rock music. How does the segment of your choice reflect these values? Which artist or group from the segment do you find most significant? Why? Make sure to describe the artist or group’s musical influences, musical style, and contributions to rock music. 
Choose another artist from one of the other segments that you were most surprised to learn about. Why? Compare and contrast that artist with the one chosen for the first part of the question. Make sure to describe the artist or group’s musical influences, musical style. and contributions to rock music. 
Rubric: on a scale from 0-5 rate your classmates posts. Grades will be based on the average of peer evaluations and the grader.