Analysis of a computer-based crime

Look for detailed reports of computer-based crimes (that is, not just reports on some type of crime but on some specific criminal event or series of events). Select one that interests you and in which the use or involvement of a computer was an essential element. Do not choose any of the crimes that were already discussed in detail in class. You’ll need to search widely and read multiple sources about the event, to be sure you have a complete picture. Wikipedia is a good starting point, but don’t rely on it to be complete or correct; you must proceed further. You must use and cite several different sources in your analysis, and convince the reader that you really understand the situation. Citations to Wikipedia will not be accepted. 

  1. Describe the crime briefly (about 100 words should be enough for most crimes). 2. Discuss the following in 600 or more words: a. How could the crime have been done “better” (not getting caught; or gaining more money, fame, or whatever the criminal was striving for; or some other aspect)? Or, if the crime was “perfect” (the bad guys succeeded and didn’t get caught), explain why. b. How could the victim(s) have protected themselves by making the crime impossible or prohibitively difficult? Here you have to be specific, not just make vague suggestions such as better firewalls, more diligence, or increased awareness. You can get technical here if necessary. Be sure to include a properly organized and formatted list of the references that you drew on for information about the crime and for any other information you have included.