Anime, Annotated Bibliography

Step 1: Choose and read two (2) sources from the list attached
Step 2: Provide the MLA citation for each of the sources you have chosen from the above list. See OWL’s MLA Formatting and Style Guide for help with composing your citations.
Remember to observe the following guidelines:
oYou need to include two (2) sources.
oThe information that you need to include for the MLA citation (as well as the formatting of this information) will vary according to the type of source (ie. the format for a printed source differs from a web article, etc.).
oYou need to arrange your sources alphabetically according to the source author’s name (for individual authors, alphabetize according to the author’s last name).
oYour citation should use a hanging indent. (If you are using MS Word, highlight the citation and press Ctrl-T.)
oDo not number or bullet your sources.
oDo not include active hyperlinks or underline URLs. (If you are using MS Word, highlight the hyperlink, right-click, and select “Remove Hyperlink.”)
Step 3: Compose an annotation for each of your sources.
Your annotations should consist of two paragraphs (double-spaced) that meet the following criteria:
1.In the first paragraph, briefly summarize (approximately 150-250 words) the main arguments or ideas that the source offers. Remember to use signal phrases to attribute ideas to the source author (and to provide page numbers if required). Although you may use direct quotations of key terms, phrases, or ideas, your summary should be mostly in your own words.
2.In the second paragraph, briefly assess or reflect on the source’s main arguments or ideas (approximately 100-150 words). You can use some of the following questions to guide your critical assessment:
Do you agree or disagree with the source author’s arguments? Why or why not? 
What did you learn from or found interesting from the source?
What questions or ideas does the source provoke?