Choose a mental health diagnosis (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD) from Part Two of the Mental Health in Social Work textbook. Present a case that would describe a client that would meet the criteria for the chosen mental health diagnosis. Be creative about the situation that the client would come in for and the presenting symptoms that would cause him/her to seek services from a social worker. For example, this client could have been referred from the school or brought in by a parent. Provide at least 1 scholarly reference that contains information about the chosen mental health diagnosis. Discuss how you would integrate the Christian perspective into your work as a social worker with this client, citing at least 1 relevant Bible verse.Write your paper in current APA format. The paper must include:a.Title pageb.

Describe the symptoms that meet the criteria for the chosen mental health diagnosis with the fictional client who would come in for services from you as the social worker.c.From what you have learned prepare at least 2 suggestions for treatment (e.g., referral for medication evaluation, individual or group therapy, assistance at school) for the chosen diagnosis.d.Reference page for resources, including both textbooks, the Bible, and at least 1 scholarly reference published within the past 5 years. LU’s library includes many resources to meet your needs. Newspaper articles and blogs do not qualify as professional resources