“El Campeon” and the Sharks: The Old Man and the Sea,

Option 1: Read The Old Man and the Sea. In your post in the Forum below, please develop three of major literary themes that this story deals with, such as man against nature, modernity vs. tradition, loss of innocence, etc. There are many possible themes that you might discuss. You are encouraged to pursue one that you would like to develop. One that you see in the novel and consider to be interesting and important. But the idea in this conference would be to explain, in specific terms, how Hemingway employs technique (character, plot, setting, imagery, foreshadowing, symbol, metaphor, analogy, personification, surprise, humor, etc.) in order to express his vision concerning humanity and/or the world we live in Identify and interpret the application of these techniques through direct contact with and analysis his Pulitzer-prize winning novel The Old Man and the Sea. 
After exploring the article by Valerie Hemingway and the material about Hemingway and Cuba below and under lessons, please also consider and discuss why Cuba in particular was an important influence in the writer’s creation of this legendary novel, which permitted him to win the Nobel Prize, which he subsequently entrusted to the Virgen del Cobre, Cuba’s Patron Saint, as a sign to his debt to the Cuban people and his appreciation for all his experiences in Cuba had taught him. 
Option 2: Pick ONE of the topics and develop a mini, informal “Forum essay,” complete thesis, topic sentences, citations in MLA format, and analysis of those citations in order to assert your view concerning the interpretation of the novela The Old Man and the Sea (This mini-essay should be an topic independent and distinct of the one you will select for your research paper): 

  1. What is Santiago’s role as fisherman? How do the villagers view him? 
  2. Define the relationship between Santiago and Manolin. What do the lions symbolize in your opinion? What do they have to do with this relationship? 
  3. Analyze Santiago’s inner conflict and introspection while at sea. 4. Describe the connection Santiago feels toward the Marlin. 5. What role do the Sharks play in the novel? Are they Santiago’s sole antagonists? 
  4. Describe the connection Santiago feels toward the Marlin. 5. What role do the Sharks play in the novel? Are they Santiago’s sole antagonists? 6. Why does Santiago idolize Joe DiMaggio? How does he draw strength from this hero? How do his thoughts of DiMaggio’s struggles help him battle the elements/antagonists of society and nature? 
  5. What is the role of the sea and all its inhabitants? Does the sea, with all its elements of life and challenges, represent or symbolize the nature of society in general, and Santiago’s fishing village in particular? 
  6. Is Santiago a tragic hero with a tragic flaw (pride/hubris)9 Does his pride ultimately lead him to defeat or triumph? 
  7. What is the significance of religious imagery? How does Hemingway portray Santiago as a Christ-like martyr? In what ways does this imagery reinforce the theme of transcendence, of turning loss into gain and death into life? 
  8. Determine the effect Hemingway’s style of narration and point of view has on tone and meaning.