Individual Project: Creating a Common Operational Capability

Engage in a key debate surrounding cybersecurity, which is whether the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or the Department of Defense (DoD) is the appropriate department to lead the nation’s cybersecurity efforts. For this project, you are the Chief Policy Advisor to a key Congressional leader who has asked you to write a memo of 8-10 pages in which you provide your opinion as to which department should lead this effort. In defending this position, you will need to consider the following: Which department is better positioned to address privacy and civil liberty concerns? Which department has the capabilities and expertise to defend against cyber attacks? Which department is better positioned to coordinate with existing regulatory authorities? Which department is more capable of integrating law enforcement, intelligence, and private-sector information? In addition to the memo of 8-10 pages, the key congressional leader has asked for your advice on improving cyber incident response between industry and government. Instead of a written brief, the chair has requested a PowerPoint briefing of 3-5 slides with recommended changes that can be presented to the Secretary of Homeland Security.