It’s a Fake

Explain the rights of a 3rd party beneficiary to a contract
Write a paper with a 500 word minimum. Rosita and Harry have been dating for 10 years. Harry has finally decided to ask Rosita to marry him. Harry and Rosita went to Oscar’s Fine Diamonds to buy an engagement ring. They chose a ring that had a nice looking diamond and Harry paid $2000 in cash. Rosita loved the ring and was excited to get married. The couple got married but, unfortunately, marriage did not agree with them and a year later, they got divorced. After the divorce, Rosita no longer wanted the engagement ring so she had it appraised to get ready to sell it. Much to her surprise, the appraiser told her that the diamond was a fake and the ring was worth only $50 because of the gold band. Now answer the following questions. Explain what a 3rd party beneficiary is. Detennine if Rosita can get a refund from Oscar or does Rosita need Harry’s cooperation? Explain your reasoning. When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself.