Museum Review

Visit a museum in Tampa, Florida(The Tampa Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Pete) and choose one work of art to analyze in detail. The first paragraph must include the name and location of the exhibit and and the date you visited the exhibit. Describe the overall exhibit. Answer the questions: 1- Is it the exhibit part of a permanent collection or is it a traveling exhibit? 2- If it is a traveling exhibit where did the collection originate? 3- Does the exhibit focus on a particular artist, theme, time period, and/or medium? Why is this significant? 4- Describe the interior of the museum and the placement of the art. Do they complement each other? 5- Write a critical analysis of a specific work featured in the exhibit. Include the name of the artist, the title of the piece, the date, and the medium. Describe the piece in detail using terminology you have learned in class. Analyze the content of the work and discuss why you think the work is important. If the piece is historical, discuss its cultural significance in regard to the period in which it was created. If the piece is contemporary, discuss what the piece reveals about contemporary society. In the final paragraph, explain why you chose this exhibit and individual work to discuss. Include your overall reaction to the exhibit. Answer these questions: 1- Did you enjoy the exhibit? Why or why not? 2- Was this your first visit to an art museum? Would you visit an art museum again? Why or why not? 3- Do you feel you have a better understanding of the cultural significance of art? Why or why not? Provide proof of your visit to the museum.