Serosal cavities

Question 1
 What serosal cavities have been penetrated by the first arrow?
 Explain the location, the microscopic cellular components of the serous membrane, and the purpose of
the serous membrane.
Question 2
 Describe the Autonomic Nervous System and explain how the patient’s ANS reacts to the arrow attack
and how it will affect the patient’s vital signs (P, BP, R, T).
Question 3
 Describe the trajectory of the first arrow using directional terms and anatomical planes.
 Identify and describe the organs and any other membranes that may have been affected by the first
Question 4
 Describe the cardiovascular system and explain how both the pulmonary and systemic circuits will be
affected by both arrows.
 Include the effect on the Hematocrit and Hemoglobin values. 
Question 5
 Identify the possible neuromuscular effects of the second arrow and explain your reasoning.
 Describe the components of a neuromuscular junction including key organelles.
Question 6
 Identify and describe the three labeled tissue types found in the tracheal slide (Slide 2) below. Include
the subcategories and cellular components for each tissue type.
 How will the injuries affect this area?

Types of Tissue Specify the subcategories of these tissues