Social Work Crisis Intervention Class

  1. How does the therapist describe the difference between mindfulness and mediation? How might mindfulness, as the therapist described it, be helpful for trauma survivors experiencing avoidance?
  2. Karl discusses a history of suicidal ideation and attempts. How does the therapist cultivate present moment experience and acceptance with Karl? Why might Karl benefit from this sort of acceptance in mindfulness practice?
  3. Why did the therapist use sine waves to discuss the client’s mood? Was this metaphor effective? Why or why not?
  4. Karl states that he has never been able to stay with meditation, despite years of trying. How does the therapist introduce the guided meditation and what does he have the client focus his attention on? Why did the therapist select this as the focus of the attention? How is this mindfulness activity helpful for Karl rather than allowing him to experience avoidance of his feelings?