Blood Diamond

1.Can you describe the political background against which the film was shot? (10 pts)2.

2.Can you summarize in no more than 400 words what you regard as the key events in the film? (10 pts)

3.What is the significance of the title of the movie “Blood diamonds?” (10 pts)

4.What is the significance of diamonds to: Captain Poison, Solomon, Danny and Maddy? (10 pts).

5.What are the Human Rights challenges which are posed by the film Blood diamonds? (12 pts).

6.What is the significance of chopping off hands in the movie? (10 pts)

7.Does the chopping off hands in Blood diamonds compare with what you have observed in any other movie we have so far watched in the course? (8 pts)

8.What are two main strengths of the movie? (8 pts)

9.What are two main weaknesses of the movie? (8 pts)

10.10.What steps would you take to improve the movie? (6 pts)

11.11. How does the movie compare with any two movies we have watched so far in the course? (8 pts)