Philosophy arguing related environmental and people issues

  1. How do environmental issues intersect with socio-political issues?
  2. How do we best resolve conflicts between different interests (e.g. between human and nonhuman
  3. Find and evaluate and example of environmentat justice in Utah.
  4. What does it mean to treat land as a community or a community member?
  5. Should we rethink our (i.e. human’s) place in nature? Why? Why not? And, if so, how?
  6. How should we think about the relation between human and non-human interests? To which
    extent are the two in opposition and to which extent do they overlap?
  7. What is anthropocentrism? What is non-anthropocentrism? How should we think about

these two concepts and their relation?

  1. What is the role of care and emotional attachments (vs. detachment and logical reasoning) in
    environmental ethics?
  2. Should be accept death and dying to an extent insofar as it comes to us from non-human beings?
  3. What does it mean to love the land? Can we love the land to death? Should you indeed set
    something free when you love it?