The knowledge and skills learnt in the Business Environment

Apply the knowledge and skills learnt in the Business Environment (FC009) module to provide a practical analysis of the business environment of a business of your choice. The assignment will be in the form of a report, which will require to use such framework / tools as the Porter’s Five Forces (for microenvironment analysis) and PEST (for macro-environment analysis) to analyse the environment of your chosen business. THE ASSIGNMENT BRIEF Assuming you work for a business consultancy firm called YHD Advisers. The CEO of the firm assigned you to produce a consultancy report, requiring you to conduct and produce a report analysing the environment of ‘a business of your choice’ in the UK. The report is for a client, Huveane Capital Ltd, a financial services company considering investing in this business. The company will be relying on the analysis in your report to support their investment decision. SPECIFIC BRIEF OF THE REPORT: Conduct an analysis and produce a report on the micro-environment and macro environments of your chosen business. You are required to use Porters Five Forces and PEST analysis respectively, as the frameworks for your analysis and report. The report will require you to conduct considerable independent research and apply the identified analytical frameworks. This assignment is worth 50% of your overall mark for the FC009 module. It is a portfolio of work that you will complete throughout the term. EXPECTED OUTLINE STRUCTURE OF THE REPORT The outline structure of the report is expected to be as follows:  Cover page  Executive Summary  Table of Contents  Section 1: Introduction (approximately 200 – 300 words)  What is business environment? You are expected to provide definitions, citations and references to support your definition and explanation of what the business environments.  Why is understanding a business’ environment.  How it is changing important for businesses?  The purpose of the report  Provide a summary of the microenvironment analysis findings  Provide a summary of the macro environment analysis findings  Provide a summary of the conclusion  Section 2: Description of your chosen business. (approximately 200- 300 words)  What is your chosen business, and provide a brief background description of the business? I want my business to be Selfridges