ETF Performance Analysis

The objective of this analysis is to understand and evaluate the performance of the two chosen funds against the industry benchmark. This will help us assess the health of the two funds and their relative position in the market Instructions for Finding Data 1. Go to https://www.morningstarcom/ 2. Sign up for Free Account, if you don’t have one 3. Click on “More” then click on -ETFs” 4. Go to ETF screener (In the center of the page, toward the bottom.) 5. Choose Criteria: Index Correlation a. Choose an index 6. (Optional) Choose Criteria: GIC Sector Weightings a. Choose a sector 7. Choose Category a. Choose one with at least 2 ETFs (if no category has 2, change the criteria) 8. Choose 2 ETFs that look to be similar NOTE: DO NOT KNOWINGLY SELECT THE SAME ETF or ETFs AS ANOTHER GROUP. IF YOU DO THIS, BOTH CASES WILL BE FLAGGED AND INVESTIGATED FOR VIOLATIONS OF ACADEMIC HONESTY. 9. From the top of the page, enter one of the ETF’s tickers in the search box 10. Click on Ratings and Risk tab 11. Click on -Compare” 12. Enter the other ETF’s ticker. Click “Add”