Pharmacology Teaching Tool

Develop a teaching tool for this client based on your findings. Be creative! This can be a handout or a brochure that we will use with teaching the client/family about the particular medications in regards to the selected disease process. Please include Medication route – Oral, Medication dose – One10 mg tablet, Medication Frequency- At bedtime and how it works. 
Name of medication- (Aricept) Donepezil Disease is Dementia 
1.) List one goal for this teaching plan 2.) Briefly in Layman’s terms, why are they on this medication and what is it suppose to do? 3.) List specific client (family) instructions regarding the medications and what adverse reactions they should be aware of/and what to do. 4.) Identify at least one factor that may negatively influence adherence to the medications and how it can be overcome. 5.) Describe how the family might be involved in ensuring the client is on a proper and safe medication regime. (le; involvement with physician visits, monitoring of blood pressure, etc.)