The Boss Wants to Know: A Report

Consider the following scenario. Your supervisor knows that you are in this class, and she thinks you can help her with a project she has been thinking about. She asks you for a brief report that does the following:
Provides a brief summary of the three major leadership ideas/theories that you are learning.Describe them enough for her to understand without writing a book for her (2 pages) 1)Traits and Attributes Theories, 2) Behavioral Theories, and 3) Contingency and Situational Theories. Provides an analysis of the current state of leadership at your organization. (at my current organization as a sales manager, the type of leadership is the democratic leader ) How do the leaders approach their teams? Is there a unified approach, or does each leader have a different approach? Using ideas you have learned, explain the top two or three types of leadership you observe in your organization. (1 page) (Top 2 leadership at my organization in retail are 1) The authoritarian, 2)democratic leader 3)The laissez-faire leader )