Disaster Management Plan for National Service Camp (Meqdam)

National Military Service Camp (Meqdam) is one of the latest camps in the State of Qatar. It is located in Umm Salal All area, north of Qatar. The camp contains a group of barracks or housing for national service recruits, large kitchen, military high school, a swimming pool complex, a shooting complex, an academy building, a hotel, a civil defense building, a health center, a theater for 3000 person, a mosque, a gymnasium, petrol station and outdoor playgrounds. The camp currently has about 2,000 people. In such risky and congested area there is a need to have a comprehensive plan for the preparedness and response to different types of hazards for both human-induced and natural disasters. There are many examples of the types of hazards that can occur in the camp, including the fire, and the probability of occurrence is very high, traffic accidents in a collective manner, the collapse of building, human stamping, engineering errors, explosions and riots, this represents the man-made disasters. The most natural disaster can be occur in the camp are earthquakes, heavy rain, epidemic disease, extreme heat, sand storm, and damaging winds. This paper will present a fire as a man-made disaster and epidemic disease as a natural disaster. The paper will review the onsite and offsite existing plan for the camp and the existing framework, also know the other plans for buildings similar to the camp for example police camp, and schools, define the limitations and political environment, examine case studies and research on preparedness and response plan for disasters. It will also include a survey of the camp personnel both the officers and non-officers to measure their awareness, knowledge, and what they expect from the existing plan. The gaps will identify in the existing disaster plan and recommend the ideal plan and framework. A range of questions will be asked and answered to 
find practical solutions that have a positive impact on improving plans, what are the hazards to be out site? What does the ideal plan include? Define a framework for ideal plan.