Fear and Trembling

Final paper Instructions (This is worth 65% of my grade so please make it good. Try not to use too many complex words). I have the digital text in vitalsource (see access info below). I have attached all the PDF’s for the course as well. The course required us to use the Routledge Guidebook to Kierkegaards’s Fear and Trembling (I scanned PDF of related text).

Text: “Fear and Trembling” (this digital text is located in my www.vitalsource.com email sales@gtchb.com PW Gt102464!

Please write a paper 12 page paper in response to the question below. DO NOT USE ANY CITATION. Use only your own words. 12 point font, double spaced. I’m going to ask for a paper revision if writer uses any citation. The prof. did not want any citation. The prof. also wanted a THESIS statement at the beginning of each and everything paragraph (i.e. 20 paragraphs means 20 thesis statements to begin each paragraph).

Based on your reading of Fear and Trembling (digital text in vitalsource), and any related articles (Routeledge Guidebook – please use this heavily as it is a translation) and commentary (other PDF’s provided).

Use material from “Problem III” to provide an interpretation of ideas found in the previous problems (a characterization of IR/Infinite Resignation or faith, the relation between the two as a double movement, the paradox of faith, the TSE/Teleological Suspension of the Ethical, an explanation of the absolute duty to God, etc.).

There are many possibilities here, so this is not meant to be exhaustive, but a comparison of the dynamics seen in the repentant Merman (whether demonic, or not) could be used to explain Abraham’s faith. The same goes for Sarah or the “Sympathetic Faust”.

(Keeping in mind in each case,that Kierkegaard warns us that these examples are analogous, but also misleading – they can only be used to illuminate Abraham “negatively”, by showing how he differs importantly from these cases.)