Application of healthcare principles

READ about confidentiality in Chapter 5 WATCH this video on confidentiality: Website: CONSIDER this scenario: 
Alejandro went to his regular doctor due to feeling tired. run-down, and “not himself: His doctor, Dr. Price, determines that Alejandro is positive for Hepatitis B. Alejandro and Dr. Price agree on a course of treatment for his hepatitis. As is typical in these situations, Dr. Price tells Alejandro that he needs to contact all of his past sexual partners to tell them of his hepatitis diagnosis. 
However, Alejandro is in a long-term relationship with Gisella, who does not know about Alejandro’s many sexual encounters outside of their relationship. Alejandro and Gisella have a two-year-old daughter, and they are expecting their second child, a boy, in four months. When Alejandro returns to the doctor to start his treatment, he has not told his past partners or Gisella about his hepatitis diagnosis. Dr. Price knows that Alejandro and Gisella are having a baby soon, and he is concerned about the 2-year-old’s health and Gisella’s health. If the children or Gisella test positive for hepatitis, they should begin necessary treatment. Alejandro completely refuses to tell Gisella about his diagnosis. He says that Gisella can be very jealous and “emotional.” He tells the doctor that she has had high blood pressure with this pregnancy, and he does not want to “upset” her with his diagnosis. He states that if she is told without his consent, he will leave Dr. Price’s practice and not return for treatment. 

  1. What healthcare principle is involved in this case? Briefly define it. 
  2. Should Dr. Price tell Gisella about Alejandro’s diagnosis? Why or why not? Be sure to use specific terms/concepts from the textbook in your answer. 
    You should be arguing based on ethics terminology/concepts. ethics theory, or healthcare principles, as directed, not on your personal opinion.