Art and Architecture

Analyze the interior design ( less of the architecture and more of the interior design /decor) describe your object/space, including material(s), size, shape, color, texture, imagery/ornament, and any distinguishing characteristics, and be prepared to integrate your formal analysis into your argument • analyze your object/space within its various cross-cultural contexts – these may include artistic, social, cultural, economic, or political contexts • compare and contrast your object/space to the source materials from which it pulls or is otherwise influenced by Not all of these issues will be relevant to all projects, but you will want to consider the following questions, as appropriate, when formulating a thesis and constructing an argument: • What aspects of the object/space display evidence of influence from another time or place? (form, decoration/ornament, materials, use/function, workshop practices/tools/technology, etc.) • How did these design ideas circulate or reach the designer of your object/space? (trade, travel, prints, descriptions and other written accounts, conquest, migration, etc.) • Did they alter, change, or modify the source material or design ideas in some way? Why or why not? How? • How did this object or space fa into the design ideas of its own time? Were others doing similar things? How widespread a cultural practice was this kind of borrowing at the time? How was this borrowing understood at the time? How was this object/space received in its own time and place?