Kader Attia’s ‘Scars remind us that our past is real’ and historical time

Write a research paper on Kader Attia’s recent exhibition, “Scars remind us that our past is real”. I hope that you will examine the exhibition closely, focusing on key works (such as “J’accuse”) and integrating relevant literature on how historical time is explored in contemporary art (such as through a comparison to Stan Douglas’”Klatsassin”). I will attach some literature in the Additional Materials that I hope you will use/find useful. I will also attach the list of literature that my professor suggested might be helpful. Thank you very much. 
The assignment instructions provided by my professor are as following: Examine a 21st-century artwork related to one of the topics addressed in the course (i.e., historical time, the refugee crisis, the environmental crisis, violence, Black Lives Matter, the pivotal development of Indigenous art or the digital turn). Raise a hypothesis [a claim] about how this particular artwork is responding to the historical present. You may also examine more than one artwork or an exhibition. Develop and substantiate your claim by examining the artwork(s) and integrating relevant literature in your analysis of the artwork(s) [this literature must include at least one reading from the course-pack].