masters program application

RE: Application for Master’s Degree in XXXXXXXX

Dear Mr. /Mrs. XXXXXXXX

Kindly receive my application for consideration for admission to pursue a Master’s Program in your prestigious institution. My application is prompted by a desire to become more competitive in the job market; I believe Babson has what it takes to sharpen and mold me into a more resourceful, competent, and knowledgeable individual in the same regard. 

Being the ambitious individual I am, I possess the intellectual capacity to make the most of your institution’s resources even as I yearn to venture into business in the near future. I believe Babson is the place to be, especially considering the manner in which the institution committedly teaches entrepreneurial skills to its students. I harbor ambitions to start a business in the near future and I will be keen to expand so as to eventually build an empire, but contextual success will not be easy to achieve unless I am adequately enlightened on matters entrepreneurship. This is the reason I seek a chance to further my education at Babson. The institution’s student support system and academic resources (including human capital) are unmatched and can produce the best minds making up the workforce, not just in this country but globally. I yearn to be one of the institution’s top products in a few years to come. This I will achieve by leveraging the institution’s resources, more particularly by embracing an interactive, consultative, and collaborative approach whereby I would be sufficiently receptive as to learn from instructors and fellow students alike.

I am aware that success in today’s globalized world calls for organizations and individuals to increase their knowledge, flexibility, productivity, and competitiveness, factors that are highly elevated in the context of entrepreneurship. Having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Managerial Economics from the University of California (expecting to graduate in June 2019 with a GPA of 3.1) and having worked with the YANGO Group’s Hubei Regional Company as an Assistant Manager, I can state that I am quite knowledgeable on many aspects of entrepreneurship, at least from theoretical and practical points of view. However, entrepreneurship is for the most part a dynamic process (as opposed to being static), implying that there is always room to learn and make improvements as may be deemed necessary to fit situations. In this regard, Babson will play an integral role in equipping me with the ability to identify business opportunities and, on a general note, develop in me an entrepreneurial mindset that will be helpful even as I embark on my ambitious journey to be a successful business figure.  By and large, joining Babson will be a golden opportunity to learn about an array of entrepreneurial competencies such as optimal decision making, resource allocation, capital supply, coordination, and handling uncertainty just to mention but a few. 

Last yet important, it is my belief that being part of the Babson fraternity will give me the best learning experience, which will be integral in preparing me further to face real-life challenges in their complexity. In the course of my academic and work journeys, I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries across the globe, witnessing firsthand the dynamic nature of challenges characterizing the business arena. I have no doubt that joining your institution will equip me with the necessary skills, knowledge, and competency that I need to address such challenges. If given the chance I will utilize it to the best of my ability so that I not only boost my competency in the job market, but also make Babson proud. I yearn to be part of Babson’s success story. Thank you in advance. 

Yours Faithfully