The primary rhetors of research essay.

~ Directions: Your rhetorical reflection should be 1 page single spaced minimum. You want to write it as a a
mini essay of sorts, not just answers to questions or bullets or numbers. Use paragraphing. No single large
paragraphs. Group like ideas together. Be sure to answer all of the questions and to be specific in your
answers. Break down your reasoning and the discussions behind your choices: the what, the why, the how,
the where.

Writer please ensure you will be answering the questions in the Rhetorical Reflection from the previous
essay of which was just completed recently . The order number for the essay is 289018326. | would like to
receive the completed 1-page paper between your time or 3-6 hours.

*Rhetor: Who is/are the primary rhetors of this research essay? Why do you say this?

*Exigency: What is the circumstance or condition that seems to have invited this work? What “occurrence”
(in life, in society, in the lives of others, in the world) is it responding to or is it potentially prompted/inspired

*Audience: To whom is this text composed? Primary audience and secondary audiences. What in the text
or about the text makes you say this?

*Purpose: What is the goal(s) of this text? For what reason was this text created? What does it seek to
accomplish? What does this text want readers to walk away Thinking? Feeling? Believing? Doing?
*Constraints: Constraints limit the way the composer can deliver or communicate his/her ideas or
message(s)? What are the constraints associated with this text? These are often tied to rhetor, genre,
audience, location, argument, and/or content?

*Argument: What is the thesis of this text? Its primary message to readers? What sub claims does this text
make tied to its thesis?

*Rhetorical Moves: What are 3 rhetorical moves you see the author using in this text. Rhetorical moves
might include choices related to language, tone, visuals, structure, organization, genre choice,
character/actors, setting, style, format, font…)? In ways are these moves being used specifically? To
achieve what? What Rhetorical Appeals do these go hand in hand with?

*Do you find this genre (the research paper) to be the most effective genre choice given the exigency,
purpose, argument, constraints, and/or audience of this text? If so, why? If not, why? What might be a
better genre to compose this piece in? Expiain. ———e
The reflective essay is self-explanatory in reference to the bullet guidelines me’ aia