Culture Globalization And intercultural Adaptation

Characteristics of Culture. Briefly identify and describe the cultural characteristics of your current work and/or life context. Explain the cultural perspectives and beliefs that you hold. What impact might your perspectives have on your understandings of and interactions with those from other cultural contexts? 2. Intercultural Communication in a Globalized World. What dimensions of culture have an impact on intercultural communication in your current work and/or life context abroad or in Canada? Providing one or two examples, explain both the local (i.e. the country you are in) and global (i.e. beyond the country you are in) aspects of cultural diversity that you can recognize in your current day-to-day experiences (e.g., Can you see aspects of globalization and/or marketization in your local environment?). 3. Intercultural Adaptation. Where are you positioned in the spectrum of DMIS? Can you reflect and give one or two examples of how you adapted to new/different cultures in Canada or abroad?