Decision making in an organization

1.How does your background inform your decision to choose your major? ( my major is economics) 2. Why are you choosing these departments to work in? 3. what are you hoping to gain from this internship? 4. Why are you a good candidate for this positions? Question 1. I chose economics as mu major because i was very interested how countries, companies and organization can effectively allocate resources and this is what economics is about. Question 2. I choose 1.public relations department –Public Relations Department – Strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public Department 2.International Social Impact Department —Responsible for growing Sesame Workshop’s global presence and initiating, implementing and strategically sustaining local brand adaptations to drive reach and impact. The team collaborates with a variety of international partners, stakeholders, and service providers to deliver educationally targeted, high-quality content through coalitions of local and global media, education, government, corporate, donor and civil society partners. Department 3.Philanthropic development —Responsible for generating revenue from both institutional (foundation, corporate, government) and individual donors to support all of Sesame’s social impact work domestically and around the world to reach the most vulnerable children with access to free content. Please note that this is charity organization for children. I am passionate about helping children of low income families to attend schools and gain education — which is why I chose these departments to work in. PLEASE MENTION THIS WHEN YOU MENTION ALL THESE THREE DEPARTMENTS. THANK YOU Question 3. I am passionate about helping children and internship wiould allow me to be part of the amazing job your organization does in helping kids to get education. Question 4. I have degree in economics and communocations _ I can combine both to contribute to your organization both for philanthrpic development and optimal allocation of available resources to reach your organization’s goal.