Case study

Case study 4-8 After reading chapter 4 and case study 4-8 carefully answer any two of the following questions: 

  1. Comment on the accuracy of the following quote regarding NASA Expert Seeker Web Miner “Expertise was determined based on the assumption that if an experts’ name recurrently appears in many web documents along with a document key word, then the expert must have significant knowledge of the domain defined by the key word.” a. Do you agree with this assumption? Explain b. What extra measures are necessary to improve the accuracy of this assumption? 2. Comment on the test precision by the CIO a. If you were the decision maker and there were a discrepancy between the results of Expert Seeker Web Miner and the personal opinion of the CIO, which one would you rely on and why? 3. Comment on -the results showed a high precision for scientific skills as compared to managerial skill” 4. If you were in charge of developing a user specified database ( see table 4.1) and had to choose only five of the HR databases, which five would you use and why? You are allowed and encouraged to use external resources to find and validate your answers- the only condition is full citation of your sources.