Criminal Justice

As a requirement for the class a 3-5 pages book review or critique relating to the investigation and court proceedings of the crime portrayed in the following non-fiction books. How they related to judicial process. You have a choice of one of the four listed book by author Joseph Wambaugh: 
Wambaugh, Joseph (1973) The Onion Field Delacote Press: The investigation and court proceedings of the kidnapping of two on-duty police officers and the murder of one of them.
Wambaugh. Joseph (1987) Echoes in the Darkness. William Morrow. The investigation of the murder of a schoolteacher and the disappearance of her two children. The crimes are related to an elite private school in Upper Merlon PA. 
Wambaugh. Joseph (1989) The Blooding. William Morrow: The investigation of rape-murders in England, where for the first time the forensic use of DNA was used. 
Wambaugh, Joseph (2002) Fire Lover, William Morrow: The investigation and court proceedings relate to the most prolific serial arsonist in California history, who was and Arson Investigator.